Will Shaw

Originally hailing from the North West of England in the beautiful area of Uppermill Greater Manchester, Will Shaw is one of the UK’s finest young organists. Having studied the piano at an early age, Will soon found that after a visit to the Tower Ballroom Blackpool, the piano wasn’t the only instrument he wished to master. Will studied the piano and organ at Bath University for 3 years and whilst studying there, won the Senior title in the UK’s Young Theatre Organist of the Year competition in London in 2019.

Since graduating and receiving his BA (Hons) degree, he has already amassed a wealth of experience and has made a return to the theatre organ, wanting to offer something fresh and different. Studying with Keith Evans, his organ performance has blossomed into a rich harmonic style rarely emulated in the UK.

Will has been lauded by some of the world’s greatest theatre organists after the release of his first organ album ‘We Got Rhythm’ alongside Keith Evans, with fantastic comments coming from all over the globe. Will’s concerts are often filled with an eclectic mix of music which delights and amazes audiences wherever he plays.

Will is a huge advocate for the promotion of the theatre organ and wishes to bring its wonderful sounds to a new generation and audience. Will is available for bookings for solo concerts and joint concerts with Keith Evans.
Link to “We Got Rhythm”