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News from Michael Wooldridge –

Due to up to eight of the anticipated entrants being unable to enter the ATOS UK YTOY this year, we on the ATOS London Committee have decided that to run the event with the remaining half a dozen players would not reflect the integrity that YTOY has built up over its many years and consequently have taken the decision that the competition will not run this July, but will in fact next take place in March 2019 at a venue to be announced later this year.

We are instead delighted to be presenting some of our ATOS Young Theatre Organists in a special ATOS Young Organist Gala Concert hosted by Michael Wooldridge, on the Byron Jones Wizard Compton at Eden Grove Methodist Church, Bristol, BS7 0PQ at 2.30pm on Sunday 8th July 2018. Tickets will be £8 (no concessions) and for further ticket information please call Byron Jones on 0117 949 7742.

Highlights of the January 6th event at the Troxy can be seen here

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