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Don't forget the petition to save The Organist Entertains. It's the one spot on national radio where members of the public can discover the delights of the theatre organ. Remember, it's not just for those like us who are already familiar with the instrument and its music - it's a gateway to a magic world of entertainment, and one of the few ways that newcomers can discover the theatre organ.
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Questions about archiving from John Leeming

I seek some advice on digital archiving. The Cinema Organ Society is experimenting with archiving some of the material it holds in its material archives in digital format, including photographs of organists and venues, and historic non-commercial audio recordings. The purpose is to investigate establishing on-line research resources that are more accessible than the present physical archive. I am the lead person in pursuing ways of doing this.

It occurs to me that others may be doing the same thing, and if so I wonder if there is anything to be said for establishing at least some common aspects of any such process.

One aspect is to ensure that stored names are consistent in spelling and format. For example, it would not be helpful if photographs of Sidney Torch were sometimes labelled Sydney Torch. So far I have created a datafile of most of the likely organists' names using the format surname_forename, e.g. Torch_Sidney. This file is used as the source for all subsequent naming of stored items, so the format and spelling never vary from one process to another. Likewise I have chosen a similar format for venues, e.g. Aberdeen_Astoria.

When manipulating the data using computer programs and applications to make storage and retrieval of the material straightforward to the user, there are advantages in giving each person or venue a unique code in a standard format. This can then be used inside the system to reduce the amount of stored text and to make some aspects of programming more straightforward.

For example, each organist could be given a purely numeric code between (say) 100 and 999 or, maybe a code based on the name of the organist or venue, such as BRNO01 for Noel Briggs and BRNO02 for Norman Briggs. This would be especially useful for venues, where the same venue has been known under several names (e.g. GRWA01 could be used for Granada Walthamstow, Cannon Walthamstow, ABC Walthamstow and EMD Walthamstow, all of which are the same venue).

It could be that others have already established something like this. I don't want to duplicate other people's work, or, indeed, set up a system that is at odds with work already being done. If a system of this nature is to have its full value, it would ideally be used by everyone involved in this sort of project or process.

If no-one else has already established a way of standardising the storage of names and/or codes for theatre organ related organists and venues, I am happy to continue with what I am doing and make the datafiles available, on-line or otherwise, to anyone else who is interested.

I would welcome any comments and suggestions.
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Our 2018 dates for your diaries
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This afternoons concert at Victoria Hall, Saltaire with Nigel Ogden is going ahead. There is no snow at this time.
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Saltaire Concert 8/10/2017 2:30pm
Hi - here is a little preview of music from my upcoming concert for the Cinema Organ Society on Sun 8th Oct 2017, 2:30pm, on the beatiful 3/12 Wurlitzer in t...