Peel Green, Theatre Organ Heritage Centre

Alexandra Road
Peel Green
M30 7HJ

Wurlitzer (Opus 1664) – Style: D
From the Trocadero Theatre, Liverpool. 1927
2 Manuals
6 Ranks

The Peel Green Wurlitzer, Opus 1664, arrived in England on the 30th July 1927 and was first installed in the Trocadero Theatre, Liverpool, in 1927. In 1938 it was reinstalled in the Gaumont, Dingle, Liverpool. The Wurlitzer was the 13th to arrive in the country and is at present the 6th oldest surviving Wurlitzer in England.

During 2005 the Wurlitzer was installed in the Theatre Organ Heritage Centre by the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust, who are the owners of the instrument. Also contained within the Centre is a museum dedicated to Robert Hope-Jones, the famous organ builder and inventor of the theatre organ. It houses two original Hope-Jones Consoles, including that of the first commercial instrument that Robert Hope-Jones built in 1894 when he formed his own organ building company. The museum also houses the World’s first Tibia Dura rank of pipes, made in the early 1890’s. Dura being the Latin for ‘harsh’.

Among the Hope-Jones artefacts already collected by the Trust over the years is a reduced model of the organ from St Luke’s, Tranmere. This was the first pipe organ that Hope-Jones played and also the one on which he experimented with some of his early pipe organ ideas.