Worcester, The Tower Lounge

(private residence)
275 Henwick Road
St Johns

Wurlitzer (Opus 2209) –¬†Style: 240
Leows/Metro, Durban, South Africa. 1937
3 Manuals
13 Ranks

This organ is owned by Dorian Collins who single-handedly adapted and extended his home to house the Wurlitzer and all of its pipework. The Grand Opening took place on Saturday 7th July with Len Rawle at the console and, the following day, Nicholas Martin played a concert.

The complete organ is contained in one single chamber measuring 22′.6″ x 12′.6″ with a small “open” chamber containing the tuned percussion.

The blower produces static wind pressure of 26 1/2″¬† inches, (water gauge) and is a five stage “Discus” blower.

The organ’s relay system is now a state of the art Solid State Logic Organ Systems computer controlled relay, built especially for this instrument.

This organ’s specification was designed by Dorian and is a copy of the Tower Ballroom Wurlitzer in Blackpool, except for the omission of the Tuba Mirabilis rank.

The Organ has digital reverberation added to the sound to give some of the “ballroom acoustic” to it.