Andy Quin

Andy was born in London and began playing piano at four years of age and organ at eight.

Having been a childhood fan of Sidney Torch, he began his organ playing career on Torch’s famous Christie at the Regal, Edmonton and was also mentored by Joseph Seal. He made his first radio broadcast at the age of eleven on the Astra Llandudno Christie in concert with Robinson Cleaver and afterwards was offered a spell of accompanying silent movie screenings.

Andy started composing music for TV and Film and his internationally successful career took off in 1984. Since then he has had very little time to pursue his first love of performing although he has always kept a keen interest in organs. He has composed hundreds of TV and film tracks including both electronics and pipes as well as making numerous broadcasts on The Organist Entertains.

With a professional career spanning five decades and more than seventy albums, his music is everywhere from Hollywood movies to long running TV series and some of the best known adverts. With live performances at venues such as Symphony Hall and Cadogan Hall, Andy is a seasoned and professional performer who delights in sharing his joy of a lifetime making music with audiences everywhere.

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