Private practice on The Saltaire Wurlitzer

COS members are welcome to book private practice time on the Saltaire Wurlitzer. Please apply to the Private Practice Co-ordinator to have your name added to the practice list e-mail group so as to receive monthly advice which includes dates available and other information. Non-members are welcome to book a practice session on a one off basis, but should join the Society if regular sessions are envisaged.

Practice sessions usually start at 11 am (earlier may be possible), must finish as shown in the list of dates available, (though a later finish or an evening can sometimes be arranged), and are subject to the availability of the hall, organ, and supervisor. Weekend dates are not usually available.

We have free use of the hall, but private hall hires, or college use takes precedence, so all bookings are subject to cancellation – though this very rarely happens. If you wish to book please let me know, by e-mail (address below) your choice of dates and times, in order of preference, and please confirm your mobile phone number on each occasion. If possible, please provide some alternatives so we can group the sessions. Some supervisors travel a long distance so we would wish to avoid, if possible, a practice of only one hour on a particular day

We don’t ask for payment for these practice sessions but donations are welcome – please feel free to donate as much or as little as your circumstances allow but as a guide we suggest £20 per hour.  As the Society is now a registered charity (no.1189263), we can reclaim Gift Aid on your donation(s) so please consider completing a form (available by clicking Here or at the hall) to enable this.

By way of clarification if you pay tax and don’t already donate all of it already the Society can reclaim from the government 25% of the value of your donation.  This does not cost you anything extra and only requires you to complete one form. 
Please Gift Aid!

Please note that while we welcome young playing members to our practice sessions (and any donation is optional), those under 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent, family member or guardian, to comply with the COS Safeguarding Policy, unless a second COS supervisor can be made available. 

For the benefit of new players and also as a respectful reminder to existing players please note the following:

  • Please make yourself known on arrival to anyone in the office or any staff in attendance. Do not enter the hall if a non organ event or activity is obviously taking place – seek advice from a member of staff.
  • Please note recording the organ is not permitted other than for personal use. This means recordings must not be uploaded to YouTube or sold or otherwise given to third parties without the permission of the District Secretary.
  • If the fire alarm sounds obey, the instructions of the COS supervisor or hall staff, leave the building as quickly as possible and assemble in the car park in Exhibition Road (rear of the building). Please don’t return to the building until advised it’s safe to do so.
  • Please make a note of any faults found in the tuner’s book (on the console).

Organ Record/Playback Facility.
The organ’s relay system allows the organ to be recorded and played back via the relays. If you would like to record an item, or items, in order to listen to them please ask the supervisor to arrange this.

David Lowe
Private Practice Co-ordinator
07785 502478