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The Cinema Organ Society was founded in 1952 by Hubert Selby and Tony Moss for those interested in organ music as entertainment.


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To contact any of the above people, put a dot between their first name and surname and then add @cinema-organs.org.uk

The Society caters for everyone interested in organ music as entertainment. It aims to promote the highest standards of theatre organ performance, presentation and technical skill. The Society advises on theatre organ installation and encourages the use of the instrument in public places. It also encourages the tuition of aspiring players and seeks to support the work of other groups with similar interests.

CONCERTS: We promote regular theatre organ concerts by top British and international artists, as well as by younger up-and-coming players, on our own instruments and elsewhere. Members enjoy reduced admission prices to many of these events and sometimes to events run by other organisations

SOCIAL EVENTS: These are usually based around an organ, members taking it in turn to entertain in an informal atmosphere. Professional guidance is sometimes available. Other events may include dances and recorded music presentations.

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